ANTI-AGING LIVING: Practical Science of Anti-Aging

Practical Science of Anti-Aging

Mitochondria is the intracellular power generator

Mitochondrial destruction is the main cause of aging

Activate Sirtuins, the master gene of aging, will keep mitochondria and cells healthy

Anti-Aging Life Style that optimize health span and performance

  • Near Infrared Energy – Red light and near infrared light can enhance the function of mitochondria
  • Circadian Rhythm Entrainment – Melatonin, a sleeping hormone, an important antioxidant in the body
  • Exercise – Aerobic, resistance exercise and QiGong can improve the function of mitochondria
  • Eating – Polyphenols are micronutrients and are packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits
  • Fasting – Fasting can improve metabolic syndrome and can increase the number of stemcells

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